Get in the Top10 to get free VIP!

Every month we have a small competition based on your playtime. Every month you have the chance to win a 3 month VIP membership (on the 1st of each month at midnight is reset). You must be one of the top 10 most active players to win. The Playtime is determined over all our Rustserver together by the oxide plugin PlaytimeTracker. AFK times are not logged!

VIP Users have the following benefits:
- Skip Queue on all Rustservers when they are full
- Golden VIP Ingame Chattag
- more added soon

Here you can find the current Top10 list of this round. When you are on our Rustservers, just enter in the chat /playtime to check your stats.
# Rank Steamname Playtime
1OCB161 hours, 31 minutes , 34 seconds
2Penio121 hours, 23 minutes , 13 seconds
3Oba119 hours, 42 minutes , 54 seconds
4Necrosis117 hours, 21 minutes , 55 seconds
5aishent-104 hours, 33 minutes , 15 seconds
6Elmo's Cupcake99 hours, 39 minutes , 2 seconds
7? Despero98 hours, 5 minutes , 29 seconds
8jonasvistiklausen96 hours, 3 minutes , 33 seconds
9Kha-Yeet94 hours, 10 minutes , 6 seconds
10shao shao91 hours, 24 minutes , 57 seconds