Unten wirds eklig! AMC - Auto MapChanger and Broadcast Messages


Auto Mapchanger for Killing Floor 2

AMC v1.0.0
We developed our own tool to reset the map on our servers to a default map. The Problem was, that only on few map players join when the servers are empty. Also we wanted the possibilty to post Advertising/Messages.

In Short:

Written in Perl
Keep your Server in RANKED State!(External Tool)
Works on Windows and Linux
GPLv3 Licence
Broadcast Messages!

The Sourcecode and Manual are located at Github (https://github.com/Seimax/AMC).

We provide for Windows Binarys of the latest AMC Version, so u dont need your own Perl Environment. You can download it here.

There is a thread in the Tripwire Forum for discuss: http://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/forum/killing-floor-2/killing-floor-2-modifications/general-modding-discussion-ad/beta-mod-releases/2264206-utility-amc-auto-mapchanger-v0-0-1?_=1469391627498